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Lees-ure Lite Compact Motorcycle Camper Sales

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Photos for the Leesure Lite Motorcycle camping trailer

So you like to camp.  But, you are tired of sleeping on the ground or the time that it takes to setup or break down camp.  And, with the price of gas getting so high it is too expensive to operate an RV or own a truck in order to pull a standard pop up trailer.  

Lees-ure Lite has the solution.  No need to buy a second vehicle to pull a heavy trailer.  Use your existing small car or even a touring motorcycle to pull this lightweight, compact, camper, tent trailer.

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When shopping for a compact motorcycle/small car camper tent trailer that is durable, affordable, and easy to operate and maintain (overall cost of ownership), look no further than Lees-ure Lite. We offer factory direct sales of lightweight pop-up tent trailers for both motorcycles and small cars. The trailer sets up in 6.8 seconds!

This motorcycle/small car tent camper is compact and easy to use. The frame is steel and the main body is fiberglass making it perfect for pulling behind a motorcycle. The tent material that is used for the motorcycle camping trailer tent is made of a polyester fabric that will not rot or shrink like canvas.  Unlike other compact tent campers, you simply open the lid.  Once the lid is opened there to support arms that are adjusted for length, to extend the roof of the tent, and locked in place with a thumbscrew. There is no set up of poles. The basic camping tent trailer does not require any stakes or tie downs. Take a look at the setup and breakdown link above to see everything in action. This compact camping tent trailer is also designed to store your camping gear inside the main trailer body. Unlike other compact motorcycle camping tent trailers, you can leave your sleeping gear open and ready for use, even when the lid is closed. You can store your items on top of your sleeping gear and close the lid. If that was not enough space, you can get a storage pod that is mounted at the head of the camping tent trailer to store all your camping gear. The lid of the tent camper also has a luggage rack. The luggage rack doubles as the legs of a motorcycle tent trailer when the lid is opened and the tent is set up. You can use this luggage rack just like any other luggage rack on a vehicle. This is great for motorcycle enthusiasts.  Take all the extra weight and space off the motorcycle and move it to the luggage rack.  And if you needed more space, the aluminum storage container accessory can be mounted to the steel undercarriage for extra space. This aluminum storage container, designed specifically for the compact motorcycle tent trailer, can be opened from either end. There are also locking devices at each end in the event you wish to lock with a padlock.

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